Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let the Good Times Roll

Ho, ho, hoe! 

Hello dear might-existing-readers. I'm currently in math class, doing maths because everybody understands the simplicity and logic of mathematics. If you wonder how sexy and intelligent I look, I made a brilliant illustration just for you. 

Lush times

Luckily, the good times are getting closer, like a wonderful fluff of cosiness! Yes, I'm talking about Christmas. People killed a bearded man on a cross, and now he's back to give us presents! Only his beard has turned white after those those thousand of years. As the courtesy requires, you now have to go out and buy PRESENTS! Wooo... getting broke sure is fun! I have a much better idea. Go buy yourself a before-Christmas-present. I have recently got one myself, and it is called... *drum roll*  
Let the Good Times Roll 
mmm... oh, deliciousness 

 This turd-lookin' thing is a facial cleanser you mix with hot water until it's creamy. It exfoliates gently and leaves your skin soft with a scent of cinnamon and caramel. Just don't eat it, it only tastes good for a moment.


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