Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some new illustrations


I have some drawings now :) 

This is Orpheus and Alessa, 
two characters Nora and me are playing around with! 
Both from Lemro, if anyone remember that place hehe
 - if not, go check it out you fools. 

Alessa being seeeexy in the sand..
and the text is from the Avett Brother's song!
-->   <--

The last one's a hot Teixeiran!
..kinda Asian if you get me? mmm =u= 


  1. Love the warm colors of the 2nd illustration. Plus, the Asian characters on her skin are a nice touch. Hope to see more.

    1. Thaaanks man! I'll try keepin it up, shame I'm such a lazy bastard with too much to do!
      Love xx

  2. Hello there, I come from the website Interpals where I found Hannah. It's always interesting talking to girls with nerdy interests.

    I'm Esariel on Interpals btw and I like what you do and who you are. Feel free to contact me back.
    Well, do it, or I sir alone in a corner foetal position-mode.

    I leave my blog below in case you're interested in the deviances of a frenchie nerd guy. (you probably won't get a single fuck as well as I wouldn't either if you wrote it in norwegian)

    1. You callin me nerd!? Probably right then. I won't leave you in foetal position, but try answering you EVERYWHERE.