Monday, November 19, 2012

Comic Process Part I

Hey, thought I'd share how I work when I make a comic! 
I'm far from an expert, but I think comics are great fun to make and really want to get better.

First of all you've got to have an idea of course, a story to tell. For my part, there are loads of stories within the story that we're working on, for example from the childhoods of our characters. Just make sure it's a story you like, since you've got to spend quite a lot of time working details!

As in any story, character is important in comics. Just that in a comic, the appearance of the character is crucial. I've found that it really pays off drawing all the characters separately a couple of times, just to settle on a look. 
Here's an example from my current project:

The character is the older brother of my main character Adreana, he's called Fredrico and the son of the local mafia boss, the Don. This has made him pretty over-confident and, well, a good old-fashioned bully. 

Sonny Corleone (From 'The Godfather')

Turiddu (character from the opera 'Cavalleria Rusticana')

That's all for now, next time it's all about setting :)

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