Sunday, November 18, 2012

The visual goodies

Mermaids and military

While Nora is a true genius with the atmosphere and creating a world, I love working on the characters and "special effects". Since the story is not about american teenagers gossiping around in a high school, I'm free to go outside the box and make the most orgasmic and exiting characters.
What would make it worth reading? What would make you love it?


<- I'll walk a jagged road to make you do this!

This is why I have made all the characters quite... special. How would you like to know:

The earlier Don of the Mafia in city Lemro and the one who lost everything trying to get his love?

A rude and tough girl who survived the streets only to face a bigger horror?

A little girl with some very unusual  skills?

The brother who is always keeping an eye on his clock, counting and waiting? 

The ginger straight from the golden fields, who wants nothing but  his life?

The overly dramatic honey blonde?

And the one focused on ruining everything.

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