Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm from Leonidas!

Cold as fuck

Actually, Leonidas was the heroic king of Sparta in ancient Rome, his name meaning "son of the lion". I used his name to create a whole new world, even some characters. So, Leonidas is both the name of a union of states and the king ruling them... like a mofokking dictator. Funnily enough, the capital of Leonidas is named Leonidas, because someone likes themselves very much. The capital is cold, very cold and has a strong segregation of rich and poor. Basically this means the ones living close to the Crystal Citadel on top of the hill has smooth houses of stone and shit, with turkeys and big fires. The rest of the population lives down below  the river that runs through the capital. Let me tell you one thing: it's not nice there.  
What made me come up with this idea? Weed? 
NO. I do not smoke weed, I have a broad spectre of experiences and imagination. My name is Hannah, and I'm from Norway! Our summers can be hot and our nature is beautiful... but dammit the winters are cold. Imagine four fucking meters of snow while the wind howls right through your flesh. Our country is old and proud with a lot of history, and it is not long since we were both poor and even colder. Now we are the wealthiest country in the whole world! Do we have the happiest people? Noooo... Norwegians are as cold as the weather, deal with it. So I would say Norway and Leonidas have some things in common (not the size as Leonidas is gigantic!).

Here are some proud, cold and inspirational pictures:

Rawr rawr motherfuckers

The splendid capital! (don't look below...)

Damn it's cold

Oh, how uplifting my dear coast

Now that's our unselfish, merciful and non violent king! Hurray~  
Keep going here and follow if you look forward to meeting the people living in Leonidas!

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