Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Continent - An Overview!

Okay, so Hannah told you guys about Leonidas. Well, there's another collection of states as well in the south-east, called the Empire of Teixeira. It's smaller, but still pretty hardcore, inspired by ancient Japan and China, Arabia and Africa. To begin with Teixeira was under Leonidas, but they decided to break free and form their own state. The climate is warm, especially in the desert, and they are a really proud bunch of pretty different people. 
We'll come back to Teixeira later!

Thought I'd show you a rough map of the continent to kind of get things in place:

So hopefully you can read that. Most important thing is that Leonidas is the blue blob and Teixeira is the orange. If you can spot a place called Eum, that is the one state that overlaps the border. This is because the Eumese are pretty stubborn and want to stay neutral in the war. They're our Switzerland so to speak. 

... did I mention that Leonidas and Teixeira are at war?

They are anyhow. To make it simple, Leonidas wanted Teixeira back under their control, but the Teixeirans weren't very keen on that. The war has been pretty calm (if you can call a war that) up till now, with confrontations limited to the border. The lands around the border are pretty harsh now though. 

So now you know more or less where things are! We're currently developing this world as we almost know our characters better than ourselves now, so keep a lookout for further updates!

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