Thursday, December 6, 2012

Evolution of nerdiness

One of the reasons for why I wanna be a writer is because of the experiences I've had with reading really good books myself. I really love being dragged into another world and completely immerse myself in it! Right now it's only 9 days until I'll watch 'The Hobbit' and I'm going to a Lord of the Rings-marathon this weekend - wuhu!
So I thought this could be an occasion of explaining the main lines of my evolution of nerdiness:
Of course I love lots of other books and movies, currently I'm kinda obsessed with 'The Godfather' and I'm watching 'The Walking Dead', which is good fun. Gotta love zombies, they're just so stupid and clumsy! I guess 'The Walking Dead' isn't the show around with the deepest dialogue or best story (I'm a big HBO-fan), but it's really entertaining and it looks like they've put some effort into it. Gotta hate Lori though... 

Well, keep on nerding folks, see you at The Hobbit!


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