Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stayin' alive (in school)

When you're working on something like a novel, it's always tempting to throw your sociology books out of the window and roar FRRREEDOM as you run into the sunset. Especially when you're in your 12th year of this endless institution and kind of wanna do something else than sitting in a room with no air and take notes about a subject you're not really interested in. 
Still, we stay. 

Yeah, Bill Gates dropped out of school. But I'm not Bill Gates. I can probably write and draw okay, but the truth is that finishing this stuff will take time, and in that time I'm going to need a 'proper' job. And in society today one does not simply get a job without education. 
That's why we grit our teeth and keep on to finish our 13 years of school, so we won't end up like this:
Anyways, these are my methods for not going insane:
However, as Hannah pointed out, we're not really sane. Sometimes we do rage and burn something or sacrifice a goat, but you know, I think we'll make it. Hopefully.

Good luck.

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